Kids' Vocab

** 2013 Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner **

Young vocabularies everywhere are about to hit a major growth spurt with the Kids’ Vocab app from MindSnacks. Best of all, those tedious flashcards used by traditional software are nowhere to be found.

Featuring nine addictive games designed to build essential vocab and conversation skills, Kids’ Vocab is perfect for kids ages 7-12 (grades 2-7) who love playing on the iPhone or iPad and want to learn new words, phrases and conversation skills as they become expert word slingers.

Just like in our award-winning SAT Vocab app, the games in Kids’ Vocab focus on different aspects of vocabulary development. Plus, each lesson features new content that teaches spelling, usage and pronunciation.

We all want our kids to be sharp as tacks, and Kids’ Vocab from MindSnacks can help. But be warned, with 25 full lessons, consistent use may result in increased reading comprehension, regular use of big words and frequently outsmarting full-grown adults.

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